It’s amazing to hear about how tough golfer Greg Norman is when he was asked if he thought he could beat Tiger Woods. There is no doubt Norman was a great golfer. But mentally tough? That is another topic all together.

Norman wasn’t so mentally tough when he went into the final round of the 1996 master with a 6 stroke lead over Nick Faldo. Norman never has shown the mental toughness he talks about when he played at Augusta National Golf Club. The course was always tougher than Norman was mentally.

It got into his head and the one tournament the great white shark wanted to win, always was able to slip right through his finger tips. When it comes to being mentally tough, you would think it is Tiger Woods who hold an edge over Norman. It is nice to see Norman’s comments about his mental toughness, however is he mental these days?

He forgets how many times he could tame Augusta. Tiger had little problems controlling his mental side of the game at Augusta.

It would have been nice to see a guy like Greg Norman play against Tiger Woods, but when it comes to mental toughness, I think Tiger has the advantage over Norman. Much in the same way Nick Faldo did. It is a match, Norman couldn’t have won.

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