Someone needs to do a DNA test to make sure the guy wearing the Giants uniform with the number 10 on it is really Eli Manning. The guy that is the Brother of quarterback Peyton Manning. This guy playing for the Giants looks like him, but he certainly isn’t playing like him.

Manning threw 3 interceptions against the Chicago Bears last night. He only completed 14 of the 26 passes he threw for 239 yards and one touchdown. Is this the Eli we have come to know? I think not. Eli Manning and his Giants are pressing too hard. Sure they came in at 0-5 and they needed a win.

You aren’t going to win many football games by throwing 3 interceptions in the game. Turn-overs kill your team and Manning has thrown a lot of interceptions this season. He has 15 of them already.

Does this look like the Eli Manning that could lead his team down the field in the final minutes of a game and get a win? The Giants fall to 0-6 with the loss against the Bears. Manning is the 3rd highest ranked quarterback in the NFL currently.

He has thrown the ball for 1721 yards 3rd highest among active quarterbacks and he isn’t getting the support from the Giants defense. The teams defense is rank 24th this season. They have to play better and they can’t put it all on Eli in every game. He isn’t the same Eli Manning we once knew.

The Giants now fall to 0-6 and Manning needs to seek mental help. There is still time to bring him back. But the team better act fast.

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  1. Frank Cerbone

    3rd highest ranked QB in the NFL?

    How come Manning is ranked last in QB Ratings amongst starting QBs and the Giant’s offensive line is ranked 9th in the NFL in allowing their QB time to pass the ball?

    Maybe the same old Manning mistakes are evident-accuracy, throwing off the wrong foot, low release point, unable to locate secondary receivers?

    • LG

      He’s throwing for a lot of yard but making far too many mistakes and not enough TD’s….


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