There is no doubt that Josh Hamilton  reported looking good. The problem may have been in his choice of words. The last thing any of Hamilton’s managers want to hear is the guy using the word juicing. We all remember too well Hamilton’s problem with alcohol when he was with the Rangers. This season it looks like Hamilton  has rededicated himself to his health. We can all hope Hamilton has put his problem with the other kind of juice in his past. Now that he looks completely healthy he could play a huge role in what the Angels are trying to do this season.

Hamilton could play a great role of leadership to the team. He can show the younger players what kind of dedication it takes to become a great player. There is little doubt in Hamilton’s talent, there was a lot of doubt in his past behavior and now it looks like that is disappearing just like the 20lbs. he lost. Lets hope Hamilton  can stick to only drinking juice made out of fresh fruits and veggies. He will be better for it in the long run.

Hamilton may still have to fight demons now and then, but at least he will be in better  shape to fight them now. Lets hope he has a great 2013 season. He deserves a break….

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