By Larry GLicken

Now that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has broken his silence about the teams loss in the Super Bowl, are the rest of his teammates feeling the same way? Manning has given the Broncos two great seasons thus far. He isn’t getting any younger and people were holding their breath about his physical after the season ended.

Manning passed and he will come back, but can he get his Broncos back to the Super Bowl? Can he even get them to the play-offs? The answer is yes. Denver is the team to beat in the AFC. The Broncos had a good team over the past few seasons and the addition of Manning made the Broncos a great team.

The other 52 guys on the roster need the same commitment to excellence that Peyton Manning puts on display year after year. If they can get to that level, the Broncos should be able to get back to the play-offs. If the new guys Elway brought in to boost the defense play up to their true potential, the Broncos should get back to the Super Bowl.

Then is comes down to whether or not the Broncos defense can stop their opponents. The Broncos defense was the problem last season. They have been the problem over the past 3 seasons. The team was keeping guys like Champ Bailey, even though they were losing a step.

Manning made a statement last week when he talked. And the Broncos as a team are listening. Manning is saying in so many words, time is running out. We need to do this and we need to do this now. Manning has one maybe two more great seasons in him, but that’s it.

You can’t slow father time down forever and time is running out for Peyton Manning. The Broncos as a team have to step up their game this season and the new guys are there to help. Manning will take the Broncos where they need to go, the rest will be up to how bad the other 52 guys want it……

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