It is hard to believe we haven’t heard from Tom Brady’s wife about her husbands terrible play in the AFC Championship game. Last year Gisele had plenty to say when Brady lost the game. Sunday in the loss to the Ravens, Brady threw the ball 54 times only completing 29 of those passes. Tom Brady played poorly and by now I expected Bündchen to come out with an excuses for his poor play. Maybe the two of them have been up late at night taking care of their new baby. After all anyone with a new-born at home knows that your schedule gets turned around.

How about the slide that Brady made in the game? Why hasn’t Bündchen had something to say about that? Maybe Brady himself talked to her after last years statements and asked her to keep her comments to herself. Brady himself had to reach out to Ed Reed and apologize for kicking him while sliding. Now that Brady and his wife have two kids to take care of I guess she is just too busy to come out and make excuses for her husbands poor play. The proof is on the film, Brady didn’t look very interested in beating the Baltimore Ravens this time around. As to why he played so poorly in the AFC Championship game, we may never know until the day  Gisele Bündchen  decides to go public.


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  1. Anne

    because this time maybe she wasnt being heckled by drunk Giants fans and secretly video taped?…just a thought. She did not go on some rant she was simply being spied on.

  2. LiscoBunch

    It’s about time someone beat us. You can not blame this on Tom Brady, I will always take Brady over in quarterback in the NFL. No one is better he had a bad game. But we will be right watch and see. You can’t win them all. In Tom i trust. And the Ravens will lose watch and see Patriots 4 ever.


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