The Indianapolis Colts season is now officially over. Jim Irsay’s luck ran out. SO much for the dynasty he said he was building the day he gave away a first round pick for Trent Richardson to the Cleveland Browns.

Irsay can now see why the Browns would trade away the player they wasted the 3rd overall pick on in the 2012 NFL draft. Richardson didn’t do anything to help the Colts in the play offs.

He carried the ball 3 times in the game against the New England Patriots and gained only one yard.

Irsay is now the laughing-stock of the NFL. Who in their right mind would compound the mistake Cleveland made by drafting Richardson, with trading away a 1st round pick for him?

Irsay and his Colts that’s who. Richardson did nothing to take the load off Andrew Luck this season. He is an NFL bust and he should not even be playing in the league. This guy is a complete and utter waste of a roster spot and now Irsay and his Colts can see it.

The problem is, who is dumb enough to take him off the Colts hands? Nobody but Irsay is that stupid. The writing was on the wall when he traded away and 1st round pick for him and now he is the property of the Indianapolis Colts.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Irsay….


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