The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t need any more bad news this season. With Dwight Howard taking special shots in his shoulder a head coach that can’t get his team headed in the right direction and a Kobe Bryant that is asking to many questions in the teams locker room what else do the Lakers need this season? They sure didn’t need Pau Gasol falling with a foot injury. When a big man gets a foot injury it is very difficult to tell just how long it is going to bother them.

Gasol is the kind of player the Lakers need in their lineup to help the team get back on track. With him out for what could be a month or so the L.A. Lakers are sure to have problems. The team doesn’t really have a guy that can take up the slack for an injured Gasol. The team is being followed buy a dark cloud this season. Things are just happening to the Lakers and they have to find a way to deal with it. The problem is they can’t. They can’t find enough talent on the team to come out a dominate games this season.


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