One of the biggest problems the Los Angeles Lakers have faced this season is Kobe Bryant’s mouth. It started with his criticism of former coach Mike Brown then it transferred to his teammates after the Lakers fired the head coach. It is becoming clear,  that Dwight Howard made a bad move going to the Lakers. Obviously there is only room for one alter ego in Los Angeles and Kobe has held that down since the days of having Shaq as a teammate. You can see by the past history Kobe has to be out in front, if another player steals any of Bryant’s spot light things tend to get ugly.

Since Howard’s arrival in L.A., Bryant must have felt threatened. The guys mouth has ran non-stop and the Lakers haven’t played the way the Lakers are capable of playing because the team is separated. Now that Bryant has pulled Howard into his little circle of criticism, he still wasn’t happy. He had to keep it up until Howard’s father got pissed off.

Dwight Howard had this to say,

Howard Sr. told the Atlanta Journal Constitution he was disappointed with the way Bryant publicly criticized his son, and that D’Antoni didn’t do anything to curtail it.

Who can blame the elder Howard? What could D’Antoni do to shut up Kobe? If D’Antoni stepped in and tried to stop Bryant form running his mouth I am sure he would have already been fired. Lets not forget who’s team the Lakers really are. It is Kobe’s team and it will remain Kobe’s team until the day he calls it quits. No one has ever stood up to Kobe Bryant in the Lakers organization and remained a Laker for long.

If Kobe was the man he thinks he is he would have been able to pull the team closer together and not dividing it. This thing between Howard and  Bryant is never going to work out as long as Bryant can’t get over himself. Kobe needs to shut his mouth and  keep it closed and do what he is suppose to do. Play basketball. Stop criticizing his teammates publicly and pull the Lakers back together as a unit.

Kobe needs to realize he is just paid help and once his career is over the Lakers could be better off. Right now his is destroying the dynasty.


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