Ray Lewis has been in the spotlight for 17 years. He is one of the hardest hitting NFL line backers who has ever played the game. This season will be his last in the NFL. Jumior Seau played for 19 years in the NFL. Making the transition from a NFL career, is not easy. When a guy has lived and breathed football for the amount of time Lewis has, it is even more difficult to make the transition back into public life. Many will thin this article is insane. Some will think Ray Lewis would never hurt himself. People thought the same about Seau. Who knows how many times Lewis has suffered trauma to his brain. The way Lewis would lay a hit on a guy, it would be difficult to believe he never suffered a brain injury.

The NFL does have systems in place to help players transition back into the public sector. The problem is many guys don’t use these systems. Some don’t even know of their existence. The NFL and teams are working harder to make players aware of the programs available. The other problem is, guys who play in the NFL are tough guys, they don’t think they need any help. They feel if they use these programs, it could be interpreted as sign of weakness.

For Ray Lewis to walk away from the spotlight after playing the game like only Ray Lewis could play it, the transition back into the public sector will be more difficult than he realizes. There are programs in place that he could take advantage of. The fact is Ray Lewis is going to miss the lime-light and when he gets depressed, there are people he can turn to to get help. Ray Lewis needs to be protected from himself. You may think this is crazy, but if a guy like Junior Seau would have used the systems in place, he might still be alive.

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