Just days after suffering a concussion Broncos receiver Wes Welker was on the practice filed. All expectations,, are for Welker to play Sunday when the Denver Broncos take on his former team the New England Patriots.

Welker is as tough as they come, he wouldn’t want to miss this game for anything. For years he was one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets and the people in New England loved him.

When he returns to Foxboro this Sunday it should be interesting to see how the fans great him. You know Brady has nothing but respect for Welker. We just are left to wonder if the fans will show the same kind of respect that Brady will.

When Manning and his passing game start to favor Welker, you would expect some grief from the fans. But this is New England and the fans there love good football. Welker has always contributed to good football.

He played for the Patriots from 2007-2012. He made the pro bowl all five years he was there, thanks to Brady targeting him most often and he was the NFL reception leader his first year with the team.

Welker helped the Patriots win 2 AFC championships in 2007 and in 2011 and of course we cannot forget the couple of super bowl appearances he made with the team.

Welker has played a lot of football in Foxboro, but this time he is with the enemy. It is going to be an emotional return.

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