Ryan Braun and his lawyers beat MLB at their own game the last time around. Brauns lawyers were able to beat the league at their own game. They didn’t like the way his urine sample was handled. Now with Braun’s name showing up on the list of names obtained by the Miami New Times, I can already hear Bruan’s lawyer screaming out, “How Do We Know Who Handled the List”. Yes Braun’s name is on the list. Sure anyone’s name could be on the files that were obtained by the Miami New Times.  The problem is Brauns had tested dirty before. I can tell you this my name isn’t on the list.

You know why I am not on the list? Because I don’t use P.E.D.’s. True I have no reason to use them, I am not a Major League Baseball Player. The problem for Braun is he tested dirty in the past and now he is on the list. You could argue that anyone could be placed on a list but the facts are he is implicated in the use of P.E.D.’s again. He and his lawyers could argue that Selig and MLB has a bone to pick from the last time Braun tested dirty.

The issue here is if Braun has used the P.E.D.’s again.  He and his lawyers are going to have to do some fancy moves to get out of being on the list. It is going to be interesting to see how Braun and his lawyer get out of these allegations this time around.

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