Peyton Manning is having one of the best years of his NFL career. SO lets bench him this week. Lets let the undefeated Denver Broncos go out and play a team with their back up quarterback. Lets give Manning a week off the get rusting and lose some of his exceptional timing he has worked so hard to obtain this season.

That’s what Michael Bonzangni who works for ESPN would do. He obviously doesn’t understand the chemistry Manning has with the Denver offense. The Broncos are so good this season because of all the hard work the team’s offense puts in and Manning is one of the main reason’s this team does work so hard.

His work ethic is second to none. The guy demands perfection and he gets it out of everyone of his offensive teammates. Taking Manning out for just one game is a disruption the Denver offense can live without.

It’s Obvious that Bonzangni doesn’t understand the inner working of a sophisticated  NFL offense like the one Peyton Manning puts on the field each week. The main reason Manning and his Broncos have reached the level of success they have is because of his leadership abilities on the field.

So even if the Broncos are playing a team as bad as the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, it is a bad idea to disrupt the continuity of this Broncos offense. Manning should play and he should be allowed to continue what he has started.

It is obvious Michael Bonzangni from ESPN knows very little about the game of football. That’s why he works for ESPN.

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