The 1-2 San Fransisco 49ers have one hell of a problem on their hands. What to do about Colin Kaepernick’s poor performances this season. Does Harbaugh consider sitting his QB? After all he bench Alex Smith last year and he was performing a hell of a lot better than Colin has this season.

Kaepernick isn’t getting the job done. He threw for only 150 yards yesterday, he rushed for another 20 yards and this kind of performance does nothing but contribute to the 49ers losses. Something needs to be addressed an it needs to be addressed soon.

If not the 49ers will have a losing season.  They are already falling behind in the NFL. The chances of making the play off slip away from the 49ers with each loss. Did we see the best of Colin Kaepernick in the 2012 season. Has his best times as an elite quarterback slipped through his hands once the other team’s have viewed his film from last season?

One thing is for certain, the 49ers have major offensive problems and unless Harbaugh can figure out a way to stop the slide the team is on, they aren’t going anywhere this season. They aren’t even close to being the caliber football team we saw last season.

They are lacking on both sides of the ball, but it is up to the offense to put points on the board. And that is what is hurting this team the most this season, the offense. How do they fix it?

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