The 1-2 San Fransisco 49ers have one hell of a problem on their hands. What to do about Colin Kaepernick’s poor performances this season. Does Harbaugh consider sitting his QB? After all he bench Alex Smith last year and he was performing a hell of a lot better than Colin has this season.

Kaepernick isn’t getting the job done. He threw for only 150 yards yesterday, he rushed for another 20 yards and this kind of performance does nothing but contribute to the 49ers losses. Something needs to be addressed an it needs to be addressed soon.

If not the 49ers will have a losing season.  They are already falling behind in the NFL. The chances of making the play off slip away from the 49ers with each loss. Did we see the best of Colin Kaepernick in the 2012 season. Has his best times as an elite quarterback slipped through his hands once the other team’s have viewed his film from last season?

One thing is for certain, the 49ers have major offensive problems and unless Harbaugh can figure out a way to stop the slide the team is on, they aren’t going anywhere this season. They aren’t even close to being the caliber football team we saw last season.

They are lacking on both sides of the ball, but it is up to the offense to put points on the board. And that is what is hurting this team the most this season, the offense. How do they fix it?

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  1. richard jeong

    be patient. kap & niners will bounce back.

    • Anonymous

      Niners need to start using their running backs like they did in the 80’s…you know…when Madonna topped the charts…and Roger Craig had one season with 1000 YDS. running…and 1000 YDS. receiving…They should involve the backs more in the passing game to give Colin more targets…Plus…he just needs to run the ball more aggressively…Let’s face it…Crabtree & Manningham won’t be back for awhile…and the Niners will need to win games until they do…Defense is still good…just getting worn down from being on the field to much because of offense and their 3 and outs.

  2. Anonymous

    All this, after 3 games!!? Geez,…..relax!!

  3. Jason Kanarr

    Where to start, where to start…. Let’s see…. Mayhap when we benched the NFL’s TOP RATED PASSER at the current time of his concussion, then DITCH him at the end of the season, like he was JaMarcus Russell or something…. That’s a pretty good start. That leaves us with NO ONE behind Colin. Had Harbaugh done the CORRECT thing, which was to start Alex Smith when he was finally cleared from his concussion, not only do we WIN the Super Bowl, but then we STILL have BOTH QB’s on our roster. Also note- Alex Smith is currently 3-0 leading his team to an amazing start, just like Joe Cool did when we sent him packing to KC as well. Then, with the business of the NFL, we lost PRO BOWLER’S Dashon Goldson, Isaac Sopoaga, and then amazing backup TE Delanie Walker… I truly believe that Colin Kaepernick may have had an amazing year in 2012, but in MANY games, we were fairly behind early on in the games, and he lead come good come from behind drives in the second half. Now that he is pretty much the only “star” QB on the roster, not having to constantly battle for the right to remain the starter, I believe that all the offseason hype and media clearly went to his head, thinking that he’s got this whole NFL thing figured out early, and did not mentally prepare himself for the upcoming season. We luckily do still have our same offensive line from last year, with 2 first round pics, Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, but even they cannot too much help the fact of the current descending outlook of the 49ers remainder of the season…

    • Cody

      No way smith beats NE at home (which is what won them the west), come back against Atl at home, or beats a Ravens team they lost to the year before with him under center.

      • Anonymous

        the reason atl lost was due to bad calls

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

    • gmoney macboii

      so on point. I was the biggest faithful for years, and now I find my self drawn to chiefs games every sunday.

      • Anonymous

        Then you are NOT faithful

  4. BAube

    Kap needs to stay away from the commercials, mags and other BS. It’s time to focus on football..

    • Anonymous

      I think this is the BEST of all replies made. Well said, well said. Kap is not a team guy. That was evident in his Dolphins debacle this summer. He is too “Cali”. All glitz and glamour. Man up!!!

  5. Leanna

    While the “content” of this article is on point… the grammar is horrible, its not proofread, and really it sounds like a 5yr old wrote it.

    • LG

      Hey if you want to submit your own article, I would be more than happy to publish it for you…

    • Anonymous

      There are so many things wrong with this article that it was difficult to read. Here’s one example: “Something needs to be addressed an it needs to be addresses soon.”

      • LG

        Damn typos

  6. luluc.

    Smith was benched for sucking 8 years worth. CK7 gets at least one season to prove himself.

  7. Luigi Handabaka

    well i know its hard to believe what has happend in the last 2 weeks, maybe even all 3 games just because we beat the Packers does not mean the niners are as whole played very well . I feel the lack of the running game and the looks the defenses are puting on Colin have a lot to do with the problem but the number 1 problem is the play calling we are not a one dimensional team we need to pound the running game and it will lead to the air attack also lets get these young guys involved Patton let him run loose he is a game changer also pound it with hunter and gore double back sets and dont abandon the pistol just make sure to mix it up.Roman needs to not be stubborn yesterday he got away from the run for what the passing game was not there cause the running game was not established. Come thursday we need to have a completely different looking offense then what we have put on the field the last 2 outings.

    • Anonymous

      ooh yes… I like your analysis the best. on point. totally agree.

  8. Anonymous

    Kaep doesnt play that bad but the way i see it, he think that he as to do everything alone..Boldin was the only receiver yesterday that was able to do something so it’s easy for the other team put a double coverage on him..we need Davis back and one other WR needs to elevate his game to help Kaep..and we need the running game to get better and more involve..Niners will bounce back

    • LG

      It was a mistake not resigning randy Moss, he may not have done much last year, but team’s had to respect that he was there….

  9. Lori

    If you look at the stats of the quarter backs in each of the games so far you will see it’s very close! It takes a team as a whole to win games not just the QB! Our OL is not protecting very good and our D is allowing points! They all need to get it together… They looked tired in the game against the Colts and now they play another game on Thursday night! I’ve been a fan for 30+years and I’m staying faithful but it is disappointing how we are playing!

  10. Adrien

    This was written with little actual reasearch. Where did the idea of benching come into play. We know Harbaugh is loyal to his backs, and supremly protective. If one was to listen to what Harbaugh is saying about this matter.(especially in today’s press conference.-I understand he can say one thing and do another BUt…) Harbaugh is not wavering one iota! He is confident …See More

    • LG

      What else would expect him to say he is going to bench him?

  11. Cody

    This is ridiculous. Yes, they have problems on both sides of the ball, but it stems from every position, not just Kap. Alex Smith was not benched, he was injured and with the way Kap lit up the niners offense how do you put smith back in after that? You don’t, Kap has way more upside than Alex Smith ever did and if Smith were the starter right now with the way the OL is playing and how they are calling the game it would not be any better. Smith is 3-0 because they have a solid D and a running game. It’s been said by multiple players, coaches, and the media that Kap’s worth ethic is second to none on this team. The whole team needs to step up, establish the run and allow our sub par WR’s to get open. You really think Colt McCoy is going to fair any better? No way

    • Anonymous

      Sign T Owens

      • LG

        Are you serious?

  12. Steve

    Has anyone considered that fact that he has no one to throw too?? The only real starting WR that’s healthy right now is Boaldin, and he get’s double covered relentlessly. All the other WR’s are scrubs at best. They may get one back as early as the middle of next month and the other in mid-november. Thos dates are a long way off though. Maybe they can scratch in a couple wins in the mean time.

  13. vera

    I think Kap will spring back he just needs to be a little more serious. It’s not all him, it’s the whole 9er team. Let’s Go 9ers!!!! Get out of your slump….

  14. Dee Molina

    Has anyone thought that Smith is successful because he left San Francisco? Kap has talent, what they need is better coaching> Why the heck did we abandon the running game last night? Just my take on it.

  15. bob long

    what do you think

  16. Gene Franklin

    Who’s the dumbass that wrote this?? Game 1 Kaepernick lit it up threw for 412 yds and ran for another 22. Not a bad game by far. So we are judging him because of only 2 losses?! Yes, they lost to one of the best teams in the NFL in the worst stadium for a rival away team to play. Can’t blame Colin for that game when it’s so loud he could hardly call a play while everyone’s head was literally together in the huddle, he absolutely could not audible in the noise, and his offensive line couldn’t communicate blocking assignments. Yes, his numbers weren’t great that game, but that is more of a reflection of the Seahawk home field advantage. I will hold him accountable for the loss to the Colts. He should have played much better than he did. However, it’s tough to keep up in the NFL if your defense is hurt (Williams, McDonald, Reid, Willis) and allowing points. Also, his main corps of receivers are hurt (Crabtree, Manningham, Davis). That puts a lot of pressure on Boldin who had a decent game against the Colts. Something does need to be done and benching Kaepernick is not the answer. Star players need to return, back ups need to step up, and especially the defense needs to show discipline (too many penalties are extending opponents drives). All things the team will work on, and though it’s a short week I’m sure the team will come out on fire against ST. Louis on Thursday.

  17. Doug Taylor

    Has anyone forgot that crabtree and manningham is out? Ohh yea and maybe vernon davis? Its kind of hard to throw it to somone when theres nobody to throw it too. We have alot of rookies in right now DUHHHHH open your eyes. did anyone see the stats of the game against green bay, SIMPLY PERFECT. Well if I was an opposing coach in the nfl and seen the footage of the GB game and seen what bolden did I would have him double teamed which is what is going on. It is gonna be a tough year for us were plauged by injuries with a rookie qb and recievers.. Kinda funny how everyone here is wanting to point fingers and just throw the niners (kaep) under the bus when were not winning. Sounds like half the people on this page are bandwagon fans. wheres the 49ers faithful at not on this page thats for sure. And who has the chiefs played that was a notable opponent, Smith sucked for the whole time he was with the niners until the last bit before his concussion. 49ers faithful for life win or lose.

  18. Anonymous

    they fix it by stopping the read option when teams have had a full off season to prepare for it and throw the ball like they did in week 1 against the packers. we need both the Oline and Dline to play as well as they did last year and for the defensive backs to stop giving up 3rd and long plays. that is all.

  19. Seattl49er

    A few things. Right now, AJ Jenkins has more catches in games than Baldwin and Patton combined. While it’s great that POTENTIAL players like Carradine and Lattmore are on the niner roster, neither can provide help while on IR and the potential may be a stretch. Instead of getting help for the WR or Defensive Line positions, Harbaugh signs his favorite player, a FB, which the nines, don’t need. The game plans for the last two games were horrible. It isn’t Kaepernick that’s the problem. It’s Harbaugh as coach and Baalke for terrible drafts. Finally, Harbaugh needs to get a handle on this team. The issues with Aldon have been known for some time and the Niners chose not to address them up front. And the health issue with Vernon Davis should have been revealed a lot sooner for the fans. It’s not nice to hide the truth to the fans.

  20. Patricia

    I live in Jax. Fl. we have the Jags. We should be so lucky to have a quarterback with half the talent of Mr. K. Count your blessing.

  21. Jay Poole

    I think our offensive game plan has been horrible. They knew that defensive coordinators would figure out the read option, but thats why they brought in Mangini. However I think he’s trying to make Kap a pocket passer. In order for that to work…they have to establish the run threat, consistently. Offensively, we look ill prepared. I dont know if Mangini is to blame totally, but as a former defensive coordinator, and now the senior offensive consultant…he is/was responsible for preparing the offense for the changes defenses would make.

  22. Loose Lid

    Get rid of that impulsive kid Harbaugh, Balkee is over rated and York has his new commercial enterprise so he doesn’t give a hoot. This is another 90’s era Ground Hog Decade for the 49ers.

  23. Rebecca Avila

    Becky check this out.

  24. not a whiners fan

    WOW!!!!!! excuses excuses… whiners suck plain and simple. you used seattle as an excuse for the lose there. Then you get home field and good old kap chokes again and now it is because of receivers, because we gave Smith away, because we did not keep Randy Moss, REALLY,REALLY the only thing I found in comments that I agree with is “Get rid of that impulsive kid Harbaugh”

    • A sad niners fan

      Sadly I agree. The personality of Harbaugh is such that he has even angered players on the 49ers. This is not a situation which will just resolve itself. The real question is who are the 49ers. What is their game plan. Are they a running team, a passing team, who knows. Remember when Harbaugh came to the 49ers, he was going to run the west coast offense. Where did that go. They had a formula that was working, changed it, and are now suffering the consequences. Wake up 49er fans, this is not going to be an easy fix.

    • Steve

      Last i remember 9ers 5 rings seagulls 0

  25. eat u up

    HOLY GARBAGE, WILL U EVER BE SAT. People like you would do anything bring up how louzy you do A. Smith to say he’s “better now” “BRAAATS”. Don’t forget this. suck it. :0)

  26. Anonymous

    The guy who wrote this article is an idiot and should find a new profession because accurate or informative sports articles is not his thing. As for you other idiots who have nothing useful to say bashing the 49ers but call yourselves “Fans” go find ANOTHER team to bandwagon on. 49er’s all the way.

    • LG

      Because you don’t agree with the view points of others we are all Idiots…..You got to be freaking kidding us pal. Look how poorly the 49ers are playing this season hardly looks like a play off team….

  27. anonymous

    Kaep has an issue at reading a defense and adjusting, there were times at least 7 times during the game where he had open receivers but he overthrew, short hopped it, or just threw as hard as he could instead of not thinking “I have a strong arm.”


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