Matthew Stafford and his Detroit Lions take on the red-hot Atlanta Falcons tonight in a game that means very little to the Lions. Stafford has given his all this season only to see his team fall to a 4-10 record in the 2012 season. Stafford is ranked at number 4 in quarterback standings, he has thrown for 4,252 yards and has averaged over 300 yards per game. Stafford has given the Lions all he has in the tank only to see his team’s defense stink this season. Tonight Stafford has a chance to take down the Atlanta Falcons who have a 12-2 record this season and are flying high.

The Detroit Lions could use the win to boost the teams ego but that is it. At 4-10 the team is too far behind in the NFC North to make any difference in the play off picture. The Detroit Lions completely fell apart this season, it wasn’t because of a lack of effort coming from Stafford. It is almost a shame that Stafford is stuck playing for the Detroit Lions. There are a few other teams that would have benefited from having a guy like Matthew Stafford. The Detroit Lions certainly don’t deserve the talents of Matthew Stafford. They completely wasted those talents this season.



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