Mike Wallace certainly didn’t do a lot to prove his case did he? He wanted the same kind of money that Larry Fitzgerald was making. Wallace decided to hold out and play hard ball with the Rooney family. Then he comes into camp and has his second worse season since coming to the Steelers. Wallace caught 64 passes for 836 yards. I know what you’re thinking, he did catch 4 more passes than his 2010 season, but his yards were what I am talking about when I say his second worse season.

Wallace should have come into camp and went out and played like a warrior who couldn’t be stopped last season. He made a fool out of himself holding out for the kind of money he wanted. Then to have a mediocre season and not helping the Steelers the way he should have isn’t exactly speaking loud for his cause to make more money. If other teams were smart and you know they are, they would take a hard look at the way Wallace played for the Steelers in 2012.

He could have had a better season and he dropped a lot of passes that Mike Wallace would have caught earlier in his career. I am not saying Wallace is done in football. I am saying he still doesn’t deserve the kind of money he thinks he does. Wallace still has to prove himself. Wallace finished the 2012 season ranked 34th on the receiving list. That isn’t exactly placing him in the upper class of NFL receivers is it. He is 1,128 yards away form the top ranked receiver in the NFL and 514 yards away from being a top ten receiver.

Wallace proved one thing in the 2012 season. He proved he is for himself and not the team. If he was for his team he would have his butt into camp and produced the kind of season a winner produces. Wallace didn’t do that in 2012 and for a guy who is going to test the free agent market, he should have.


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