The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to have their hands full today when they take on Wichita State. Aaron Craft knows how important it is going to be to get his Buckeyes off to a fast start. A fast start is exactly what Wichita State is thinking.

Wichita State would love to go out and out-run the Buckeyes. Ohio State has to play their kind of basketball. The team has lived on the edge in the last 2 games. First we saw a buzzer better from Aaron Craft in the final ticks of the clock then we saw Craft pass the ball to LaQuinton Ross who was able to hit a 3 to pull off a win over Arizona with 2 seconds left on the clock.

Buckeyes fans know these last-minute heroics can’t go on forever. It would be great to see the Buckeyes go out and dominate the entire game today. If Ohio State continues to extend their life in the final seconds of the game sooner or later their luck is going to come to an end.

When the Buckeyes take on Wichita State today they are going to have to keep LaQuinton Ross involved. If Thad Matta would use Ross, Thomas and Thompson they way they can play together the Buckeyes could easily handle Wichita state. Craft could come out on the floor and control the game the way he does and his defense could help the Buckeyes control the pace of play.

This is an important game today if the Buckeyes want to make a statement. They have to go out and control the game and show the reason they are the number 2. The Buckeyes have to play smart basketball today. Thad Matta has to make good choices. Other wise, the Buckeyes could be in for a surprise.




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