When the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Jarvis Jones with the 17th pick in the first round of the NFL draft, fans knew they were going to get a hard-hitting outside line-backer who could turn out to be a play-maker in the NFL. Can the Steelers actually expect that to happen in Jone’s rookie season?

The guy knows how to play the position. There is no question about that. IN the 3 years he played on the college level, he made 96 solo tackles, had72 assists and sacked the quarterback, 28 times. Those are fairly decent numbers for a guy was forced to leave one school’s football program due to his problem with spinal stenosis. Jone was lucky they cleared him to play football in Georgia. If they didn’t his career could have been over before it even got started.

The Steelers are taking a huge gamble by drafting this kid in the first round. They have to have big expectations for him this year. You can bet the team doctors will be keeping an eye on him and they must have concerns in the back of their minds.

The real trick to getting everyone’s mind off of Jarvis’s medical condition would be for him to have a great rookie season. If fans are thinking this guy can come into the NFL and be the modern-day James Harrison of the NFL, they better calm down until we see how quick he can get up to the speed of the NFL.

There are a lot of guys who come out of college into the NFL, that have trouble with the speed of the game. Could this happen to Jones? It is hard to say. He is a good size player and he should be able to compete with the offensive linemen. Whether or not the speed of the game bothers him, is something we are all going to have to wait and see. Nonetheless, if Jones can stay healthy, he should be able to help the Pittsburgh Steelers win  football games.



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