The Kansas City Chiefs went out on the limb and signed Peyton Hillis in the off-season. Hillis who appeared in 4 preseason games this season rushed for 97 yards on 17 attempts giving Hillis about a 5.7 yard average. If Hillis can do that in the regular season then the Chiefs have done good. Getting a guy that can average almost 6 yards per carry in the NFL is a plus and will help the Chiefs open up their passing game. If Hillis doesn’t produce those kinds of numbers the Chiefs may end up being less than satisfied with the deal.

Peyton Hillis played in only 10 games last season for the Browns, he rushed for 587 yards and averaged 3.6 yards per attempt. The Peyton Hillis that rushed for 1177 yards in 2010 didn’t show up last season in Cleveland and this could have been a huge reason the Browns let Hillis go in free agency. The Chiefs are hoping to see the Hillis that played in 2010 this season. If he can reproduce the  same kind of numbers he did when winning the Madden Cover, the Chiefs will go onto to a great season. Only time will tell which Hillis decides to show up…..

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  1. Donna Mathias

    I believe Peyton Hillis will do better in 2012 than he did in 2010, he will make KC Chiefs proud. He is also my favorite football player ever.


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