There is no doubt about Justin Verlander being one of the most dominant pitchers in the game of baseball today.  The guy averaged 17.8 wins in his last five years with he Tigers. With only 2 years left on his contract what can we expect Verlander to do for his Tigers this season. If history repeats its self, we can expect Verlander to go out and win around 18 games this season. He may even surpass that number of wins just trying to position himself for a huge free agent contract. Just last week we saw the Mariners sign a guy to a 175 million dollar deal. Hernandez does not win as many games per season as Verlander does.

Over the last five years Hernandez only averaged 13.6 wins per season. You can argue that he didn’t have the kind of supporting staff that Verlander has with his Tigers and you would be right. Verlander wins more than 4 games more than Hernandez did in the last 5 years. If the Mariners set the bar at 175 million for a guy that only wins on average 13.6 games a season over the last five years then a pitcher like Verlander would be the next 250 million dollar baseball sees.

Verlander likes to compete. He loves the competition that teams are going to offer in a bidding war to sign him once he becomes a free agent. This season not only will Verlander be trying to help his Tigers win baseball games, he will be upping his value as one of baseballs best pitchers. The bar was set high in Seattle with signing Hernandez but if Justin Verlander has a decent next couple of seasons something tells me we haven’t seen nothing yet win it comes time to putting money on the table to sign a good pitcher.

Hey, tell us how much you think Verlander will be worth in free agency once he gets there. Leave your comments below.

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