Tiger Woods comes into the 2013 US Open coming off one of his worst performances of his PGA Tour career. In the Memorial the tournament host by Jack Nicklaus, the man Tiger is trying to chase down in his quest to take over the record of major wins.

Was Woods a victim of circumstance at the Memorial?  Could the newly discovered hatred of Lindsey Vonn by Tiger’s ex be taking a toll on the worlds best golfer? Reports that surfaced over the past week say that Elin Nordegren hates Lindsey Vonn.

Lets not forget that Tiger and Nordegren have 2 kids together. It can’t be easy to carry on a relationship as a father when your ex-wife hates your new girl friend. Woods said after the Memorial that he couldn’t get the speeds of the greens down.

This week he will be facing greens that should be running a lot faster than the greens he couldn’t figure out in Dublin Ohio. The US Open usually has the fastest greens on the schedule.  If Tiger had putting problems at Jack’s tournament what is going to happen when he is facing the greens at the US Open?

Woods didn’t need to have problems with his ex-wife at this point in his career. Reports are saying that Woods is too egotistical to care about what his ex thinks. He might be showing that on the outside but on the inside these problems could be tearing him up.

It wasn’t that long ago that Woods offered Nordegren a large pre-nup to re-marry him. He was probably already involved with Vonn at the time.  Now with the second major of the 2013 PGA season staring Woods straight in the face, we have to wonder if his personal problems are taking a toll on him.

I guess we will see what happens come Thursday, when Tiger tees off to try to capture his 15th career major.



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