Joe Flacco had never lost a game to the Cleveland Browns. All that changed this season. Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens will be lucky to make the play offs this season.

Ozzie Newsome should have  never paid Flacco the kind of money the Ravens put on the table. The guy is going to be a one hit wonder in the NFL.

The chances of Flacco ever winning another super bowl in his career is slim and none. He has let the money go to his head and he thinks, he is above everyone else.

The Ravens are a typical NFL team after a super bowl win. They are struggling this season and now are sitting at 3-5 on the season. Flacco’s performance was terrible in the game against the Browns.

He completed only 24 of the 41 passes he threw and he only had a 6.1 yard per pass average,so much for the big arm. The Ravens aren’t going to be contender’s this year.

Flacco got his money so he probably could not care less. The team is on the decline and it is going to take some time for Ozzie Newsome to get guys in Baltimore that have the heart to win, even after they get their money.


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