Joe Flacco had never lost a game to the Cleveland Browns. All that changed this season. Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens will be lucky to make the play offs this season.

Ozzie Newsome should have  never paid Flacco the kind of money the Ravens put on the table. The guy is going to be a one hit wonder in the NFL.

The chances of Flacco ever winning another super bowl in his career is slim and none. He has let the money go to his head and he thinks, he is above everyone else.

The Ravens are a typical NFL team after a super bowl win. They are struggling this season and now are sitting at 3-5 on the season. Flacco’s performance was terrible in the game against the Browns.

He completed only 24 of the 41 passes he threw and he only had a 6.1 yard per pass average,so much for the big arm. The Ravens aren’t going to be contender’s this year.

Flacco got his money so he probably could not care less. The team is on the decline and it is going to take some time for Ozzie Newsome to get guys in Baltimore that have the heart to win, even after they get their money.


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  1. Anonymous

    I believe you mean ‘Could NOT care less’ . I ‘ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you skipped a word, rather than don’t know the difference.

    • LG

      You’re right a word was missing thanks….

  2. concretejimmy

    whoever wrote this is a POS.

    • LG

      LOL that the best you can come up with? Perhaps you’re talking about your 120 million dollar rip off

      • kevin

        You know shit happens , just read LG’s article !!!

  3. Larry

    Although you may be right that Joe is not earning that $120 mil right now, you failed indicate that the Raven offensive line is in shambles and Joe has no target to throw to. This article was mean spirited and uncalled for. For you to say that “Joe got his money and doesn’t care” is truly unprofessional. You should be fired for this type of reporting.

    • raven jim

      I guess that Tory Smith and the other wide outs are “Nobody”! Oh , I forgot that Dennis Pita is “everything” Flacco needs! What a joke!

  4. grey32

    Hey clown
    Joe has no team, the “O” line is pathetic, Rive gained 17 yards Sunday why aren’t you blasting him. Get over yourself you have no clue. The Ravens are a mess you can blame that on Harbungle and his massive ego.

  5. Ben Vincent

    I guess it’s true when they say “anybody can post on the internet”. Please, LG, go back to covering soccer or a cooking show or yourself, something the rest of us could NOT care less about.

    • LG

      You don’t like reading the truth? The Ravens are in serious decline……

      • Joe Flacco

        Waaaah !

      • I'm just saying

        Flaco lost that game sunday. He is the one who wanted to call plays. He wanted to run the show, now he’s got it. . Flacco is a over rated, scared 6 year rookie playing qb. I think LG hit it right on the head. He (Flacco) got his money and now believes he is above everyone else. But he needs to remember that some of that money is bonus (if) money. If you perform well and do this or if you do that. Their are a lot of QB’s out there that have been put on the bench for poor performance (ask Jason Campbell) and lost a lot of that bonus money. The Big question is will Harbaugh sit his scared butt down and put the backup in. Sit him (Flacco) down this week and explained exactly why he recieved that money. He is The QB and he is suppose to be the leader of this team and he needs to play and act like it, if he wants to keep the Qb starting job. Stop playing to just win the game and go out there and win it. Stop relying on and waiting for the defense and/or special teams to win it for him. If they do great but don’t expect it (every week). He needs to get that killer instinct and keep putting points up on the board when the Ravens have the lead and stop stop playing. He needs to keep playing. If he don’t….. Sit his 6 foot whatever @$$ down and let someone who is hungry for the game to play in the game. If he don’t give a damn about the outcome of the game he damn well better look like he do while sitting or standing on the sideline. Then and only then can he compare himself to a Tom Brady,Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or (dare I say his name…No I’m not because Flacco will never be that good). Just my opinion….Flacco plays scared, he has no pocket sense, he telligraphs his plays, and he is pridictable…..I’m just saying.


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