By Alyssa Noe

On Saturday at 3:00 PM, West Virginia’s Mountaineers will play TCU’s Horned Frogs in Morgantown. Both these teams are fighting for their lives in the Big 12.

As for West Virginia, they need this game to regain confidence in both themselves and their fans. I’m not just saying this because I’m a proud Mountaineer, either. Coming off of two embarrassing losses, one being home to Kansas, this town needs a win.

All of this isn’t to mention the kid who fell off the map, Geno Smith. Just after the very publicized Baylor game, Smith was without a doubt the front runner for the trophy. A week later he pushed the envelope a little further and beat out David Ash and the Texas Longhorns. It hurt’s to talk about and to my dismay, the colossal loss against Texas Tech actually happened. At that point #5 West Virginia lost to an unranked Texas Tech in the most disgusting upset I’ve ever seen. TV’s were turned off, kids didn’t go out, and the streets in Morgantown were lifeless.

However, the worst wasn’t over. The next week West Virginia hosted Kansas State. The Wildcats blew WV out of the water in a game that cleared out the stadium by halftime.

After a bye week, I’m hoping these players have figured things out. Realistically thinking, another loss for either team would essentially end any chance at a premier bowl game. This will be an offensive game, without a doubt. This being said, West Virginia should have the advantage but that’s what makes the sport of football so great; anything could happen.

This is both teams first year in the Big 12 and I’m sure their realizing how difficult it really is. If West Virginia is successful and strings together a few more wins towards the end of a rollercoaster season, they could restore their reputation.

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