Is The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace still holding out for more money or what? He looked like he is only working part-time in the Cincinnati game dropping ball after ball when Roethlisberger was hitting him right in his hands last night. Wallace had 4 drops on balls that could have  easily help the Steelers put the  pressure on the Cincinnati Bengals. Wallace even dropped a touchdown pass.

If Mike Wallace wants the kind of money he thinks he deserves he better remember what his job consists of. Wallace only has one thing to do in a game, he has to catch the football. Not doing so makes things that much harder for his team. Big Ben couldn’t have thrown the ball any better to Wallace, he hit Wallace right in the hands several times with great passes any N.F.L. wide receiver should catch. The Steelers have been struggling this season to find wins and in Cincinnati we saw first hand why.

If we didn’t know better we would think Wallace was dropping some of those passes on purpose to keep the Bengals in the game. Some of the passes he dropped were when he was wide open. This guy has to make those plays. Someone needs to sit Wallace down and tell him as to what his job is. Wallace is a better receiver than what we saw last night. Mike Wallace did finish the game with 8 receptions for 52 yards, just think if he would have held onto the ones he dropped, he would be way past 52 yards and the Steelers would have had a much easier time in Cincinnati.

Stop thinking about money Mike Wallace and start doing your job….Catch the freaking football, you are better than what you showed us last night….



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