Andy Dalton’s poor performance ended up costing the Bengals a chance to get their 7th win of the season. Dalton’s numbers tell the story. He was 32 of 53 and threw 3 interceptions and zero touchdowns.

It was a far cry from his 5 touchdown performance just a few days ago. The Bengals lost the game in overtime when Dalton was sacked in his own end-zone.

What in the heck was he thinking? Why would the Bengals drop Dalton back in his end-zone in overtime to try to throw a deep ball down field?

During the game, the Bengals ran the ball all over the Dolphins. Their 2 touchdowns came from monster runs. Why not let the running back get you away from your own end-zone and then try to pass the ball down field?

The Bengals were stupid trying to drop Dalton back into the end-zone in sudden death over-time, they should have known a safety ends the game and gives the Bengals a loss.

It wasn’t like there wasn’t enough time on the clock to run the football. The Bengals could have run the ball, got away from the end zone and possibly won the game.

The way Dalton was throwing the football in this game, there would be no way I would let him drop back into his end-zone in overtime to throw a home run ball.

None of the Bengals coaches were thinking at the end of this game.

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