For Ray Lewis the end of an historic NFL football career is coming. We are only hours away from seeing one of the greatest line-backers who ever played the game, play his last game in the Super Bowl. Lewis had a great season considering he missed time with an arm injury. Today as he takes to the field in his last professional football game, Lewis is going to be like an UN-caged wild animal. The week leading up to super bowl 47 has been full of allegations about Lewis using a banned substance to help him make a early return from his arm injury.  Today, we know that allegation may be false.

Ray Lewis is going to be unstoppable in Super Bowl 47. He has a way of elevating his Ravens to a level that can prove to be UN-stoppable. Today as the Ravens take to the field to win a super Bowl as a gift for Lewis, The Ravens well be facing a tough task. The 49ers have played some great football and in this match up I expect the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick challenge Lewis on the field. Kaepernick has youth on his side. He will be facing an aging Ray Lewis who is in his 17th year and his last year in the NFL.

In Earlier days I would have given the edge to Lewis. Today I am not so sure Ray Lewis is going to be able to keep up with the younger Kaepernick. If Lewis can contain this young gun then the Ravens will be able to make a game out of it. If Lewis gets beat, the 49ers have an edge. Either way I expect Ray Lewis to give all fans of the NFL one last great showing. To go out at the top of your game is the way Lewis wanted to do it. He even came out this past week and guaranteed a Super Bowl Win. Today within hours we will see if Ray Lewis can deliver on his promise. It is going to be one great final performance for Ray Lewis.

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