Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper used a racial slur last week. So what! Have you ever listened to black people talk to each other? They constantly use racial slurs. Only in America would someone need to be excused from practice to seek counseling for using a racial slur.

Enough already, this is football, why don’t we wire the locker rooms with mics and really find out what is said behind closed doors. Better yet why don’t we record the things people say when they are out on the town.

You’ll hear all kinds of racial slurs coming from the people those slurs are aimed at. But ya know what? That’s OK because we now live in a country of a double standard. People who are white that use those slurs are held to a higher standard than people that are black that use those slurs.

You just have to walk the streets of any major metropolitan city to hear what I am talking about. The things you hear people say is alarming. Now that Riley Cooper used a racial slur the entire country is up in arms.

If people shouldn’t use those slurs, than everybody should be held to the same standards that Cooper is being held to. If it is good for the white people than it should be good for the blacks too. I’ll probably get in  trouble for writing this article.

You notice I didn’t use any racial slurs but who knows, you may not be able to write about them either.


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  1. Chris Duane

    What a joke of an Article, you sir are such an uneducated clown that I’m not even going to get into it on here, but this article says a lot about the ignorance and lack of education you have.

  2. jay brown

    What the hell is this crap? like all these other people who think nigga means nigger and it DONT.. U SHOULD BE ON LEAVE…

  3. jay brown

    wikipedia the two words. two diff meanings u jerk.. your going to piss people off with this..

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot

  4. jay brown

    if i said i would fight every nigga in here that means: i would fight every guy or ” dude” or MF in here..

  5. jay brown

    if he said nigga no big deal at all. if he came out in said my head thought nigga but my mouth said nigger from being around my teammates that makes a the sense in the world..

  6. jay brown

    i forgive him because u can tell he does truly feels bad.. but u your trying to vent in your wrong buddy ..

  7. Rodney

    People need to quit being so thin- skinned and politically correct. He was drunk and said something stupid, BFD! Everyone does it and I’ll bet that most people(white or black) chukled to themselves when they saw the video. I always thought it was funny when George Jefferson referred to whites as “honkeys”. IOf the security guards at the concert were Italian or German, he probably would have called them Wops or Krauts. Does that mean he is racist against whites too? What ever happened to “sticks and stones”? Riley knows he screwed up and feels bad for it. Let it go!

    • LG

      You are correct. Pretty soon in this country you won’t be able to talk at all..

    • Kris

      Historically, were white people ever regularly enslaved, abused, and killed while being referred to as Honkies? Nope. That’s the difference. Idiot.

  8. nephilly1

    Thanks for having the courage to tell the truth. Cooper was wrong but he apoligized and was disiplined. Life goes on. Everyone should get a second chance.

    • LG

      My pleasure

  9. lookinglass

    you are so right, blacks don-t want hear that, they allways want a free pass to complain

    • Chris Duane

      Everyone should get a second chance but when you play for any big sports team, specifically Philadelphia what did you expect to happen. The eagles aren’t only a football team but a business and a lucrative one at that

      • Chris Duane

        And having a member of your organization conduct themselves as cooper did reflects poorly on the team which can cost them revenue. The U.S had become entirely to soft when it comes to being insulted however use your head then before opening your mouth

        • Chris Duane

          And as far as your comment about blacks wanting a pass to complain,

          • Chris Duane

            White non-Hispanics, makeup 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of benefits

    • Anonymous

      that’s funny considering that it was whites who video recorded it and sent it viral. and on a positive note it was a white person who told him to calm down and told him he was wrong!

  10. nephilly1

    Come on folks let’s get real..Zimmerman was describe as a white hispanic. Does that make Obummer a white black? Of course not!

  11. Anonymous

    You are correct. Where is the outrage when blacks insult other races ? Not saying Cooper is not guilty of saying racist comment, but clearly double standards.

  12. OC

    It is just a word. If you let a word define you then that is your choice. Also all ethnic backgrounds have gone through struggles at sometime in their existence. I live by names will never hurt me motto, and will also say that any of you who have not said something inappropriate or racially insensitive at one time in their life be the only ones to comment (if you will be honest with yourself)

  13. TruthBringer

    To help enlighten the ignorant:
    Web definitions
    nigger: (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person; “only a Black can call another Black a nigga”.

    offensive. A contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person.

    The truth shall set you free, Black america wants the days of Rosa Parks returned, only they will be the HAVES and everyone else a have not!!!! I am not going to the back of the bus. If you use EITHER, so will I!!!

  14. bill

    let it go

  15. DMAR

    It wasn’t that long ago that Delmon Young did basically the same thing. He was suspended for a number of games, fined and had to do some community service to make amends.

  16. Anonymous

    Accurate article. Where is the outrage when blacks insult other races ? Not saying Cooper is not guilty of saying racist comment, but clearly double standards.


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