Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper used a racial slur last week. So what! Have you ever listened to black people talk to each other? They constantly use racial slurs. Only in America would someone need to be excused from practice to seek counseling for using a racial slur.

Enough already, this is football, why don’t we wire the locker rooms with mics and really find out what is said behind closed doors. Better yet why don’t we record the things people say when they are out on the town.

You’ll hear all kinds of racial slurs coming from the people those slurs are aimed at. But ya know what? That’s OK because we now live in a country of a double standard. People who are white that use those slurs are held to a higher standard than people that are black that use those slurs.

You just have to walk the streets of any major metropolitan city to hear what I am talking about. The things you hear people say is alarming. Now that Riley Cooper used a racial slur the entire country is up in arms.

If people shouldn’t use those slurs, than everybody should be held to the same standards that Cooper is being held to. If it is good for the white people than it should be good for the blacks too. I’ll probably get in  trouble for writing this article.

You notice I didn’t use any racial slurs but who knows, you may not be able to write about them either.


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