The Hall Of Fame Quarterback Steve Young comes out and says Flacco got the contract he deserved. Is he kidding me? There is no NFL player that deserve 20 million dollars a year. 52 million dollars of the 120.6 million is said to be guaranteed money. Young never made that kind of money, either did the great Joe Montana. Things are really getting out of hand with these NFL salaries. First it was a 36-year-old Manning that signed a huge deal then Drew Brees and now the Ravens make Flacco the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.

If Young were to tell the truth he would be saying what is wrong with this picture? There is no players that deserve to make more money than most people in the world will ever make in their entire lives. What’s next a 150 million dollar contract? Just think when Luck or RGIII get ready to sign a new deal, the federal reserve is going to have to get involved to pay those guys if they continue to have the same success they had in their rookie season.


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  1. Anonymous

    LG can’t even put their name to this. I would like to know what LG gets a year. if it is more then a quarter; they are over paid.

    • LG

      The name is Larry Glicken


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