I’ve said for years that, defensively, Mike Green is–to  put it kindly–over-rated.

He repeatedly takes faulty angles to opposing puck carriers and fails to move his feet properly resulting in hooking and other “reach-in”-type penalties.

I’ve also said for years that since (to me) his main utility as a hockey is on offense, the Caps should move him to forward where the team can profit from his soft hands and suffer less frequently from his shortcomings on the blue line.

As for you naysayers who point to Mike’s All-Star selections, let’s just say that I view those the same way I did Mike Piazza’s in baseball: they had everything to do with offensive performance and comparatively little to do with “D”.

Add to the forgoing the sad fact that Green spends a considerable amount of time on the injured list each season and I’d conclude that our brilliant GM should either move Mike to one of the wings or else cut his losses and trade Green to some other GM who’s foolish enough to think he’ll be getting a bargain for a guy who rarely lives up to his hype…


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  1. CdnCapFan

    Thanks Cliff. Green is a minute muncher and is key to the D core. It’s extremely evident you have never played hockey at a competitive level.


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