Mark Sanchez could have helped himself pull away from Geno Smith in the Jets quarterback competition with a good performance in the team’s second game of the preseason. Sanchez looked good in the beginning of the game, but by the time he was done it was just another mediocre Mark Sanchez performance.

Sanchez should have used this opportunity to show the team, he could be the man. He started out looking like the man. Then the Sanchez effect took control. He completed only 13 of the 23 passes he attempted and threw an interception in the game.

He had 169 yards in the game and was sacked once. Sanchez just doesn’t have the talent needed to become one of the NFL’s elite. The sooner the Jets realize this, the sooner the team could become more consistent.

Sanchez has always struggled trying to find what it takes to break through in the NFL. He has some skills there is no doubt about that. He just won’t ever be a guy who can get things done. Even though he had no pressure as far as Smith goes in yesterday’s game, he still couldn’t pull himself clear of the quarterback competition.

Sanchez is not mentally strong enough to do it. The Jets just might have to make the change this season.

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