Kevin Ware underwent a 2 hour surgery to repair the leg he broke during the game last night. Ware had a metal rod surgically inserted into the bone in his leg after the surgeons reset the bone. He is going to have to undergo a long rehabilitation process before he gets back on the basketball court.

Louisville came into March Madness as one of the odds makers favorites. With all the upsets that have taken place this March, you have to wonder if the injury Ware suffered is going to be enough for Louisville to come away with this championship.

While laying on the floor in front of the bench, Ware delivered a pep talk to his teammates even with bone sticking out of his leg. He said win the game, he repeated his instructions over 10 times to his teammates..

Ware assured them he would be alright, but insisted they win the game. Now with Louisville advancing into the final four we are left to wonder just how inspired Louisville is to bring this thing home and hand the championship to their teammate.

I wouldn’t count them out  of it….



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