So golfer Jessica Korda fires her caddie in mid-round of the third round of the United States Women’s Open. What is the big deal? It is obvious that her caddie was rubbing her the wrong way. I mean why else would she let him go at the turn.

Korda knows what she is doing, on the front nine she had problems. With one look at her 3rd round score card, you can see she played better after she fired her caddie. He had to be rubbing her the wrong way.

Know you have people saying Jessica Korda is classless and the LPGA needs to step in and sanction a move like this. Are you kidding me? Korda clearly played the back nine on Saturday better than the front nine.

Korda should have fired her caddie after the first hole when she made her first bogey of he round. Then she might have been able to avoid the double bogey on the 6th hole and the other 2 bogeys she made on the front nine.’

Making the turn at 5 over par 40 probably pissed Korda off. There are only 2 people standing over a gold shot. For Korda it was her and her caddie. The guy was fired and Korda played the back side better.

What does that tell you? Korda did what she had to do during the round to try and give herself the best chance to win. Only her and her caddie knows what was going on out on the course that day. Was it a classless move on the part of Korda?

I say no, if she would have played the back side just as poorly as she played the front side, then I would attribute it to a bad day and her taking it out on her caddie. But it wasn’t so lets move on. That is exactly what Jessica Korda is doing.


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  1. golfhacker

    Who is this writer? They obviously know little to nothing about the game of golf. You can not possibly look at a scorecard and say “there, that’s the point when some outside influence changed my game”. Pro golfers can shoot 38 on one nine, and 32 on the next – it has nothing to do with who is on their bag at the time.

    • LG

      Are you kidding me? she had to be ticked off by the caddie and it had to affect her play otherwise she wouldn’t have fired him..


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