When Michael Vick was named the starting quarterback for Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles is had to feel like the day he was drafted into the NFL. There was a lot of uncertainty heading into the 2013 season.

Vick wasn’t viewed favorably by the Eagles head coach coming into his first assignment as an NFL head coach. It seemed as though Kelly was looking for something other than Vick to lead the Eagles. It would take a couple of solid performances from Vick to gain Kelly’s confidence.

Vick had to dig down deep and renew his love of the game to prove himself in the preseason. He was able to do it with enough conviction to show Kelly and the rest of the Eagles brain trust that he could be the man.

With time left to keep on testing Vick, Kelly decided Vick would be his man for now anyway. Kelly named Vick the team’s starter and when he did so, it had to feel good to Vick. You have to wonder if the Chip Kelly style of offense helped Vick renew his love of the game.

Kelly and Vick look to be working well together. They might have gotten off to a shaky start, but it seems like they both needed each other. The Eagles have some work left to do before the start of the regular season.

Now that Vick is the named starter, the Eagles can get to work in putting their offense into action. They now know what path they are taking. There should be no excuses.


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  1. john

    When did Chip Kelly say he did not have a favorable view of Vick? Where in his press conference did kelly say Vick is the starter for now? Kelly said Vick is the starter for the season. All you Vick haters will just have to admit that Michael Vick is still a very good Quarterback that can lead his team to a Superbowl.

    • LG

      When he first arrived one of the first things he did was to get Vick in front of him.

    • LouA

      SB r u kidding..oh forgot how many he had with Atlanta. that’s why they wanted him back…WOW, how could I forget that

  2. LouA

    the sooner he gets nailed the better

  3. xxLouA

    SB you r kidding? oh sorry forgot the reason Atlanta wanted him back so quickly. he was so gooood…sick puppy (oops again didn’t mean to put Puppy here)especially in front of the dogman


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