Many have wondered how Oscar Pistorius could have killed such a lovely woman like Reeva Steenkamp. Maybe the man known as the blade runner is after the fame associated with such a terrible crime. If in fact this is the reason Pistorius committed murder, last Valentines day, he is going to get it.

His trial which is about to start in a little over a month will be covered by a 24 hour television channel in his home country of South Africa. Yes, Pistorius will be a house-hold name once this trial gets under way. Is this what he wanted? Does the Blade Runner really need to be in the spot light this much?

The channel will launch on March 2nd, just a day before the trial is set to begin. A company called MultiChoice is behind this coverage. They said; the channel would give “inside information on the most talked-about and controversial subject in recent South African history.” A spokesperson said there would also be “a rich variety of content and social media integration” around the trial, too.

Is this what the people really want to watch? I’ll bet everyone is waiting to see what truly took place on the night in question. You can bet Pistorius will be acting like he has never acted before. He will try to play on the courts emotions while showing the television cameras how upset he is over the shooting he claims was an accident.

Pistorius should rot in a prison for this crime. He doesn’t deserve to have a television channel to cover him for 24 hours a day while the trial takes place. This could be what his sick mind wants. Fame…..


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