When the Philadelphia Eagles cut DeSean Jackson, was it really because of the fact him and head coach Chip Kelly couldn’t see eye to eye? Lets face it, Chip Kelly wants everyone to know who is on charge of the Eagles. He started once he arrived in Philadelphia and he is carrying it into this season as well.

Jackson was a heck of a good wide receiver. The media got the best of him with the article published by and there is nothing proved with all the allegations the report brings to the service. Jackson hasn’t been charged with a crime other than smoking pot, and there is no prof, he took part in any gang activities.

With this being said, Kelly could have had a hard on for Jackson. The kid was late to team  meetings, and his locker room antics, didn’t fit with what Kelly wants with the Eagles. So he did what he thought was best and cut Jackson.

Does this help the Eagles chances of producing a winner? I think not. Jackson always produced good numbers on the field.

Chip Kelly has got to learn to get along with his players. Especially if the player can help the Eagles chances of getting to the play-offs. Kelly would have been better off fining Jackson for his attitude and not cutting him. Jackson is a player the Eagles would have been better off keeping.

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