Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay offense couldn’t overcome the pass rush of the Seattle Seahawks defense, they lead the NFL in sacks and Rodgers was on the receiving end of that pass rush last night. Rodgers was held to just 223 yards against the Seahawks and didn’t throw a touchdown pass in the game, he was sacked 8 times and he couldn’t do the things we normally see Aaron Rodgers do to put points on the board.

The Green Bay Packers are now 1-2 on the season and there is some questions concerning the call made at the end of the game last night by the replacement officials. The Officials have come under fire this week, things have gotten so bad the NFL took it upon themselves to send out a letter last week asking teams not to berate the officials. In the Packers- Seahawks game the call looked so bad Twitter exploded with tweets saying how bad this call against the Packers was.

The Green Bay offense couldn’t get the job done last night against a powerful Seahawks offense, if the Packers could have put points on the board, it wouldn’t have come down to one bad call by the officials.  When you see Aaron Rodgers being held to just 223 yards, sacked 8 times and no touchdowns you have to give credit where credit is due. The Packers couldn’t overcome the Seahawks defense.

The Green Bay offensive line was out-played by the Seahawks defense. Sure the call by the replacements looked suspect to say the least. The point is we are not seeing the strong play of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense we saw last season. The Packers have got to get it together offensively if they are going to compete for the play-offs this season. What we are seeing right now is the same Aaron Rodgers we saw last season after he took time off and then came back in the play offs to play terrible football.

The Green Bay Packers offense is not producing points and if they were the game wouldn’t come down to just one bad call by the replacement officials.

Hey tell us what you think of the replacement officials in the NFL. Leave your comments below…..

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  1. linda

    that was a very bad call even a blind man could see packers had that ball. they need to do something about that mess. go packers

    • Dave Acocks

      I agree!! Yes the Packers were not playing their best but setting that aside, that same bad call could have cost them the game even if both teams had been playing their best game. I’m sure we would be reading a different SPIN on the last call of the game had that been the case… Face the facts LG & call a spade a spade these replacement refs are horrible and things are only going to get worse! I’m not expert by a long shot & I can see it so you certainly should be able to!!

  2. GWC

    can the NFL reverse the call from last nite ?

  3. Lowrider

    Disclaimer: Avid Chicago Bears Fan.

    Comments: Clearly a Packer loss is a good thing for Chicago Bears and thier fans, but ONLY when wins/losses are fair and square.

    True Aaron Rogers/Packers aren’t playing same stellar team ball as in years past, however in fairness, other teams (Seahawks in this case) are improving thier play, i.e. when QB is rushed, hurried with solid DB coverage, sacks happen and negates Rogers/Packers offensive ability, proven last night, period. Football 101, the offensive Line is foundation for EVERY team … validated last night Rogers (widly viewed “best” QB in game today) getting decisively “pressured” by Seattle defense which resulted in predictible results – offense could NOT run timing needed to succeed. No magic … just fact.

    With exeption of last play, Seahawks “beat” Green Bay team, period.

    But, to be factual and fair, the last play (still part of and regulated by game rules) was CLEARLY incorrect, evident to anyone with functional eyesight viewing the video (availble from multiple angles). Packers SHOULD have been awarded possesion, and … in accordance with NFL rules in place, won the game last night.

    Bottom line: Bad call and HORRIBLY irresponsible failure to overturn field rulling … period!

    This problem can occur with STD NFL Referees … it’s blatently out of control with substitues. NFL/Commissioner … in the words of Harry Chapin “when in doubt, do SOMETHING”. It’s your move, admit it, fix it and move on.

    Painful but factual to say (as BEAR fan) – Packers lost this game by error call – period.

    • Dave Acocks

      Right on Lowrider!!!

  4. ralph

    Stop blaming the replacement refs! the other refs were bad for years!

  5. tlz

    While I agree the Packers did not play up to there potential they did play well enough to win a game on the road against a tough opponenet and it was not just the last play that cost them. The obvious offensive pass interference and the unreal call of roughing the passer let alone the no calls of defensive holding, illegal contact, and the no call on Jennings down field are all reasons that things ended up the way they did. It was not just that last play that caused the loss.

  6. carolyn

    Where were you during this game…the Packers readjusted at half time and came back and won the game. Period.
    Now the SeaHawks should hand them the win, despite the refs. That is what I’m calling for…the SeaHawks to do the noble thing, give the Packers the win and make history that way-despite the refs call– (Though the SeaHawks did play well and put up a good fight, they lost.. period.)
    Give the Packers the win SeaHawks.

    • LG

      Carolyn, while that my be noble, has it ever happened in the NFL? I never seen a team give back a win….

      • Jason Oconner

        The Seahawks will give Greenbay the wine as soon as the Steelers give the Seahawks the Superbowl victory that was due to them because of the bad officiating (later admitted by the ref himself a few years later while visiting the Seahawks training camp).


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