Sean Weatherspoon put a hit on the Redskins quarterback that would lay him out on the field and require RGIII to get stitches in his face while sitting on the side-lines before retreating to the Washington locker room. The Atlanta Falcons would go on to get their 5th win on the season to remain the only undefeated team in the NFL at 5-0. It was a big hit and many thought it was a cheap shot that Weatherspoon put on Robert Griffin III. If you take a closer look at the photo of the hit, you would see Sean Weatherspoon  did not make contact with his helmet to the head of RGIII.

Sean Weatherspoon caught Griffin III on the side of his helmet with his shoulder. RGIII was already going down as he lost his footing and Weatherspoon was already committed to the hit. There was very little Weatherspoon could do as Griffin lost his footing that would hinder his slide. Yes, Sean Weatherspoon  knows that RGIII is the type of player who refuses to run the ball out-of-bounds and he knew he would have to stop the Red Skins young quarterback. It was not a cheap shot on the rookie, it was a good old fashion solid football hit.

The Falcons defense is a huge reason the Atlanta Falcons remain undefeated this season. They are playing well together as a team and it shows by the number of wins the Falcons have. There is no doubt the Falcons defense is bringing it this season, but the hit Sean Weatherspoon  put on RGIII was not a cheap shot. and the 24-17 win the Falcons got over the Washington Redskins was not a cheap win either.


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