Why is Warren Sapp still trying to downgrade the Pittsburgh Steelers defense? Can’t the guy read the NFL stats? The Steelers defense finished the 2012 season ranked number 1 in total defense.Sure they have some aging veterans like Troy Polamalu.

How many teams wise they had a defense that was this good with this kind of experience? To finish the season ranked number one is pretty good. Lets go a little further it is pretty great. The Steelers ranked number one in total defense giving up just 275.8 yards per game last season.

You got that Mr. Sapp? Ranked number one in total defense last season. Asked this past week if he still stands by his statement that the Steelers defense is old and slow, Sapp didn’t hesitate. He said yes and he blames it on the fact that seven of the 11 starters are 28 years or older.

Since when is 28 over the hill? Look around the NFL Sapp, there are a couple of quarterbacks that would be ready for the retirement home if teams shared your views. The Pittsburgh Steelers defense plays great team defense.

These guys that have played together for years play together better than most teams. They know who is good at what and how to make the most of what they have. Each guy knows his role and that in itself provides some great teamwork.

Sapp better get his head examined. He is trying to pick on one of the top ranked defenses in the NFL. I could understand if the Steelers were ranked as one of the worse defenses in the NFL but they are the top ranked defenses.

Makes me wonder if Sapp needs to be drug tested.

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