The Vegas odds makers are picking none other than Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos to win their division. Could this mean we get to see a re-match of last years super-bowl. How many people would like to see how Manning would handle it this time around?

I know I would. Manning is a guy who learns by his past failures. The Broncos could very easily get back to the Super Bowl this season. They have a strong defense, made stronger by Elway and his staff, after being dominated by a defense in last years super bowl.

This Denver Broncos defense is going to be mean. They brought in guys that are big hitters. The defensive collapses the Broncos had over the last 2 seasons, shouldn’t exist anymore.

With Manning leading the offense and the new defense, the Vegas odds makers could be off the mark just a bit. Peyton and the Broncos could win more than 11 games this season. The team is not going to just play the way they play last season.

Their defense is going to be far more aggressive and they are going to create more turnovers. You keep the ball in Manning’s hands and it has to equal wins. No other quarterback in the history of the NFL is as smart as this guy is.

You can bet he wants this re-match. More than anything else I would think. It is going to be a pretty exciting season for Bronco fans….

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