Shane Del Rosario is almost dead at age 30. The UFC heavyweight suffered a heart attack two days ago and is close to being pronounced dead.

Colin Oyama, Del Rosario’s coach made the announcement this afternoon on facebook, here is what he had to say about Del Rosario’s untimely passing; “The Del Rosario family and I, and all of our family, teammates and friends thank everyone for their prayers and support,” Oyama wrote. “God has a different path for Shane to take and instead has chosen to take Him away from us to be with his forefathers in Heaven. Yet through all of this our Faith in GOD remains unwavering.”

Del Rosario suffered a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse on Tuesday, he was taken to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach in full cardiac arrest.

According to Jason House, Del Rosario’s manager, Doctors administered Arctic Sun treatment in an attempt to revitalize his organs and brain, but the following 10 hours were critical for his survival. Unfortunately, Del Rosario wasn’t able to overcome his critical condition.

Del Rosario was going to fight Guto Inocente next month in UFC 168.

You wonder why we say almost dead? It is because, doctors are waiting a full 72 hours (which would end tomorrow AM) to see if he responds to the treatment he received. The treatment essentially was they cooled his body down considerably in an effort to revitalize his organs and brain. He has not responded to that treatment, it appears. He has no brain activity now.

Things are not looking good for Del Rosario at this time.

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