The NFL took steps just two days ago to police itself regarding Bounties as they suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton for the 2012 season and told the Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams you’re out indefinitely.  Now we have the United States Senate wanting to hold hearings on the So Called NFL Bounties. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? How much time and money is this going to cost the American Tax Payers? Why would Senator Dick Durbin feel the need to assemble a Judiciary Committee to hold hearing regarding NFL Bounties? Is American running so smoothly the United States Government is on cruise control looking for things to do?

The NFL policed itself, they dealt with the issue. Maybe it is time for the people who vote in the election to examine the politicians they are voting for. Why would Durban even think it is OK to waste huge sums for tax payers money to hold these hearings? Then it gets even better this guy wants to include the NFL, The NBA, and Major League baseball as well. When was the last time you have heard of a M.L.B. player going out on the field and collecting a pot of money for smashing a line drive into the opposing players purposely to knock them out of the game?

America  is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the World. Durbin is only going to add to this problem.  Countries around the globe are going to look at America and say, ” look America has large amounts of people unemployed and they wast e money on NFL hearings”. What about all the important things in the country Mr. Durbin? How about holding some hearing on getting the price of fuel down so the average Joe is able to fill up his car to get back and fourth to work?

For Senator Dick Durbin to waste the tax payers funds on holding hearings regarding anything that takes place behind the scenes in the National Football League, he should face impeachment. What about families that can’t afford the cost of Health Care Mr. Durban, When is that hearing? How about the young men and women who go to war and come back to the United States and can’t get a job Mr. Durbin when is that Hearing? The point is there are so  many more important things the tax payers money can pay for. Why Let Dick Durbin waste money on NFL Bounty Hearings? From Where  I sit, I can certainly see why his parents named him DICK!!!


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