Tyler Seguin is not going to playing his hockey for the Bruins anymore, they traded the one time star to Dallas and some think the trade took place because Seguin wasn’t as committed as he could have been to the Bruins team.

Was this a bad move on the Bruins part? Seguin could have just been in a slump. He was once considered to be one of the best players in the game with a fearsome snap shot that made goalies tremble. If that was the case then why did the Bruins make this move?

The Bruins repeatedly asked Seguin to increase his competitiveness. He couldn’t do it regularly, he had spurts of getting it done but never found the type of consistency the Bruins were looking for out of him.

The guy had flashes of brilliance  but couldn’t keep it there. Some think he wasn’t committed the way he could have been. Seguin said, “I come to the rink every day, and I see myself as a professional and work my hardest,” “The first three years of my career has been a big learning curve. I look forward to getting better every day. I’m definitely more motivated coming into a great city like Dallas.”

It will be interesting to see how he develops in Dallas. The Bruins could be sorry one day, but for now they are liking this deal that lowers the cap space.

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