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In typical  PollyAnna fashion the former Cowboy quarterback stated that he couldn’t imagine Mike Shannahan imperiling the franchise by rushing RGIII back into action before he


was physically ready to take punishment. Yet that’s precisely what he does each time he authorizes read-option plays which give Griffin carte blanche to take off and run whenever


he sees fit. We’re talking about a franchise quarterback with a gimpy left knee risking injury going up against big, tough defenders who are fully capable (and keenly desirous) of doling it out—within the bounds of the rules, of course N.


Yet NO ONE in the media that I’ve been listening to so far has suggested that the Redskins’ brain trust simply shelve the quarterback runs for the time being, and insist that Robert


stay in the pocket and throw the ball instead—something he’s eminently capable of doing and a strategy that ought to work quite well considering the fact that the Redskins


have the second coming of William Andrews( in the form of rookie battering ram Alfred Morris) running the ball for them.


In plain words, what they’re doing is dumb. And if they don’t wise up, not only will they lose the game today, they may also do permanent damage to a quarterback who has a


chance to become a very special player as well.





Santa Monica

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