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Trading Elvis Andrus for any reason is just plain stupid. You’re talking about a player just now entering his athletic prime who has “PERRENIAL ALL-STAR” written all over him. The Rangers, potentially, have two such players under one roof–the other being Jurickson Profar, a player who most scouts feel has what it takes to be a great player. If I were Jon Daniels I’d keep Elvis Andrus where he is (shortstop), put Profar where he should be for the time being (second base), and trade over-rated, mistake prone, 31 year old golden boy IAN KINSLER for pitching and a draft pick RIGHT NOW. But Ron Washington and the brainless trust in Texas are so in love with Ian that they’ll never do that.


If you want to win championships–something that the Rangers have screwed up twice in as many years now–and if you just allowed one of the most talented players in sports (Josh Hamilton) to go to a division rival who they’ll play 18 times a year (the Angels ), you damned well better keep a player on your team who has the ability to play the most demanding position in the infield (shortstop) at a high level for many years to come.


TRADE ELVIS??? You must be high…And if that idea makes sense to Ron Washington and\or Jon Daniels, they’re out of their minds too…


Appalled at the thought,



Santa Monica


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