Tony Romo played like crap in New Orleans last night. He doesn’t belong on the same field as Drew Brees and he certainly doesn’t belong in the same pay category as him either.

Romo is a mediocre quarterback at best. He can’t come through in the tough games and his performances in them continues to show why this isn’t the Dallas Cowboys team your father watched.

Sure the Cowboys defense was banged up for this game, they needed Romo to keep the offense on the field in this game and he failed to do it.

Romo was 3 for 9 in the first half the game and had around 20 passing yards. The Cowboys are now .500 and are tied with the Eagles for first place in the NFC East.

The way Romo is playing, that is about all you can expect from this Cowboys team.Romo finished the game going 10 for 24 with a 128 yards passing and one touchdown.

Why the Dallas Cowboys continue to waste their time and money on Tony Romo is anyone’s guess. I read a report this morning that said one Cowboys fan went outside last night following the game and took his Cowboys flag down.

Romo is helping to turn Americas team into a laughing-stock. People know Romo can’t win the big games and so do the other teams the Cowboys play.

Until the Cowboys get a quarterback that can compete, they aren’t going to be taken very seriously.

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  1. harry7738

    BS, the entire Cowboy team was outplayed not just Romo. Put the interference in front of your face like Romo was facing and see just how well your fingers move across a keyboard. GET OFF OF HIS BACK OR SHUT DOWN YOUR IDIOTIC REPORTING.

    • sendejo

      i agree

    • Anonymous

      don’t shut up Cowboys just signed a qb that cant get a first down!! Really

  2. Gary Van Blaricom

    Dallas should look for a new leader one who KNOWS the team and can perform up to Dallas Cowboys standards !

  3. K love

    Romo is not an elite QB and even money cant change that. wake up Dallas you dreaming!

  4. J

    Wow! Sounds like your hate for Romo is blocking the artery to your brain…affecting it in a manner that doesn’t allow you to think intelligently.

    To be perfectly honest, this game of football has never been won or lost by one person. But it doesn’t matter if Romo throws for 500+ yards either, because his defense will STILL lose the game for the whole team, and you can STILL find a way to blame Romo.



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