You just can’t believe Tony Romo is the guy the Dallas Cowboys gave the 120 million dollar contract extension can you? Come on, you can tell us. The guy is not a guy you can count on to win the tight games is he?

Heck, he isn’t the guy you can count on to win the game he should be winning is he? Then why in the hell, did the Dallas Cowboys think they could pay this guy the kind of money, guys like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Joe Flacco make?

You know why? It is becuase they have a dangerous guy running the Cowboys, they have a guy who thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the NFL. Jerry Jones is an idiot. Pure and simple, the Cowboys will continue to struggle until Jones figures out, no matter how much money you throw at something, it isn’t going to perform well if it don’t know what it is doing.

This includes Tony Romo, he doesn’t have enough common sense to protect the football. The Cowboys didn’t need any last minute heroics in the Green Bay game. They just needed to move the ball down field, get it into field goal range, send out the kicking game, kick the winning field goal and go home.

Romo ensured once again the Dallas Cowboys went going to be in a position to win. No one in the history of the Dallas Cowboys has thrown as many interceptions as Romo does to give the game away.

Until Jones and his staff realizes they can’t become consistent winners with Tony Romo behind center, this is the Kind of football the Cowboys are going to give you. Not only does Romo create the big mistakes that take away a chance for a Cowboys win, he does it in a way that has you asking yourself what the hell was he thinking.

There is no way the Dallas Cowboys are going to get to the next level, as long as they have Romo behind center. He can’t win the big games.


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