By Alyssa Noe

What’s up with Tony Romo? I haven’t seen a worse display of quarterback skills in a long time. The game yesterday against the Redskins was just the straw to break the camels back for me. I gave him a few chances to redeem himself considering the position is a tough one, but it’s come to the point were something needs to be done. He’s a professional football player. At the end of the day, this is his job. He’s getting paid to lead his team on the field and honestly, I think a handful of college QB’s right now could take his spot in a heartbeat.

For me, and this is all personal of course, I think Romo is a great QB. He truthfully has a precision arm and can pin point a receiver down the field close enough to drop the ball in his hands. What’s wrong with Romo is his mental game. To put it lightly, this guy doesn’t seem to quite understand the mentality it takes to quarter back an offense. The game of football is more of a mental one than a physical one; it takes strength from the inside, a decisive thought process, and smart playcalls. Having a good arm doesn’t fall high on the list to win games and I know every QB out there will agree with me. If Romo could incredibly better his mental game, we would have a real QB on our hands. As we all know though, it’s easier to get better at any physical aspect with practice and hard work. It’s the mental part that get’s complicated; that stems from a foundation built when you had dreams to be in Tony Romo’s spot. This part is built over years and years with dedication, skill building, and heart. It’s not something that can easily be bettered by going out the field and throwing the ball all day and night.

For Romo, these mental mistakes are easy to spot. I just don’t understand why the guy takes so many sacks when he has time to throw it away. Don’t get me wrong, I know sometimes the smarter decision is to just take the hit but not with every successful rush. He has time to throw it away and he looks like a deer caught in the headlights, focusing too much on the massive linebacker charging his way. I mean, I would look the same way but then again I’m not a professional football player and that’s exactly my problem. Another thing, he makes stupid high school rookie mistakes. Things like not throwing the ball high enough to make it over the defensive lineman’s head on a screen play, or throwing the ball to the inside of his receiver when he’s cutting outside. These are the things that make or break football games, and this is a huge reason why Dallas is disgustingly bad this season.

This guy needs a reality check or the organization needs a new QB. What do you think?

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