By Larry GLicken

Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys certainly have had a tough time this season beating teams that suck in the 2012 season. They barley hung on to beat the Cleveland Browns and last night the Philadelphia Eagles gave them almost more than they could deal with a back up quarterback playing. The Cowboys did hold on to get the win over the Eagles but it took a solid effort by their defense scoring a touchdown when Morris Claiborne recovered a fumble to return it to the end zone for the score. One shot to the press box that featured Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chewing on his finger nails said it all in this nail bitter.

The Cowboys have been on a roller coaster ride this season, at 6-6 on the season the Cowboys hopes of post season play is starting to look bleak.  The Cowboys offense is playing OK this season but is is taking Romo time to get things going in the games. The defense is having a tough time stopping their opponents from scoring and the Cowboys have had to play catch up for most of the season. The team need to focus on the remaining games on the Cowboys schedule and they need to win them all to give them a shot at the post season.

Romo went 22 of 27 last night to give his team another 300 plus yard passing effort. Romo threw for 3 touchdowns and was sacked 3 times proving the Cowboys still need to improve their offensive line play. Jason Witten had another good game catching 6 Romo passes for 106 yards and he recovered an onside kick to bring the game to an end.




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