The Dallas Cowboys defense has to be able to step up and help Romo and the offense wins some football games. The Cowboys are now 3-5 and they could salvage their season if the defense can step up their pace of play and hold their opponents to less points. Sure they were able to hold the Falcons to only 19 points last night, if you look at the last Giants game Romo did everything he could to pull off a victory. The Cowboys defense could stop Eli Manning and company. They gave up 29 points most of them coming in the first half. The Cowboys are running out of time and games to make a move this season. They have to start to win games if they intend on making the play offs this season which is starting to look un likely.

While the Cowboys total team defense is ranks 5th overall in the NFL it hasn’t been good enough to get the Dallas Cowboys wins. Tony Romo and the Cowboys total team offense is ranked 6th overall in the NFL. They aren’t the best but they are good enough to win football games. The Cowboys have to take a step back and reevaluate the teams defense and figure out a way to stop the other teams they face from beating them.

Tony Romo is the 5th ranked quarterback in the NFL, sure he has thrown too many interceptions this season. He is still putting up almost 300 yards per game and the Cowboys should have won more than 3 games with those kind of numbers. The Cowboys have got to buckle up for the rest of the season and the defense better find a way to play better. Otherwise it is going to be another wasted season for the Dallas Cowboys……



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  1. Doug Simpson

    The giants game I saw had the defense stopping the giants for field goals instead of touchdowns after the cowboys gave them the ball in scoring position. In the falcons game the defense was worn out by the 4th quarter becuase the offense could not do anything, except on one drive that lasted 3 minutes.


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