The Dallas Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo as their quarterback. he chokes when ever the game is on the line. He had the Denver Broncos exactly where the Cowboys wanted them. and what does Romo do?

He throws one of his patented interceptions that only Tony Romo would throw. Romo always looks like he is in a hurry, he should have calmed himself down and move the Cowboys down the field like he had all day and won the game.

Rono will impress many, he throws a lot of passes and he makes a lot of completions. But threw out his NFL career he has always blown opportunities. The Broncos were in trouble in this game and even the great Peyton Manning knew it.

But then Romo gift wraps the game and hands it to Manning and his still undefeated Broncos. What the hell was Romo thinking? He threw the ball well all day and he had 5 touchdown passes in the game. He threw the ball for 506 yards and he had this game.

But he made the Tony Romo stupid mistake. He thinks he can always put the ball in his receivers hands and he didn’t read the Broncos defense correctly on the one play he needed to complete. Sure you can say that is was only one bad play.

With Romo, it is always one bad play. He has made a career out of the one bad play that cost him and his Cowboys the game. He put 48 points on the board today. He just needed to take hi time and march his team into field goal range.

With Romo as the QB, Jerry Jones has a better chance of winning the lottery than a Super Bowl. Romo always lets the team down when they need him the most. It is a way of life for Romo in Dallas. He can’t win the big games.

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