Tony Gonzalez won’t be in camp but that doesn’t mean the big man won’t be ready once the 2013 season gets under way. Gonzalez is better than most and missing time in camp isn’t going to hurt the Falcons at all.

Gonzalez knows what his job is and he knows how to get it done in game time situations. Most players wish they could perform on the field the way Gonzalez does. He made some commitments before he decided to return for another season to play with the Falcons.

His 12 year old son is starting to play football and Gonzalez needs to be there among other things he committed to. People that are worried about him missing time at camp, or the couple of preseason games, don’t know Tony Gonzalez.

The veteran even spent time with Matt Ryan this off-season to work out. They are on the same page as usual and they won’t miss a step this season. That is one of the reasons the Falcons wanted Gonzalez to return for another season in the NFL.

The guy is a pros pro and he plays like it. With him on the field it give Ryan and the Falcons a weapon that is almost Unstoppable. The two of them hook up and make things happen in game time situations.

Gonzalez will be ready once the season starts. If he wasn’t going to be, he wouldn’t have come back.

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